Beatrice "Siren"
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Bar Singer (Pre-war),
Soldier (Formerly)
Affiliation Incarnates (Formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 14

Beatrice (nicknamed "Trice")[1] was originally a singer who found happiness in her songs and went to fight in the war, becoming the Incarnate known as the "Siren". She is the third female incarnate to appear in the series.[2]


Siren is one of the more human-looking Incarnates, her upper body human with the exception of two grand bird wings replacing her arms, just coming out below her shoulders. Starting at her hips, is a long muscular fish tail. Her upper body is bare, showing her belly-button and feathers covering her breasts. She has long, silky hair and is 8ft tall.[3]


Beatrice has a passion for singing, and will happily have anyone as a audience. When Nancy Charlotte Bancroft refuses her song, she looks absolutely shocked and broken. She desperately wants people to hear her sing, cursing her "ungod-like" form post-war, claiming that no one will listen to her sing anymore. She adores music and truly believes that putting the town to sleep is better than the future of hardships that is to come.




Beatrice performing.

Beatrice used to be poor, living in the slums. Until one day, a Priest reached out to her and discovered her lovely singing voice. Since then, she became a singer, performing at lavish parties and always leaving the audience with smiles on their faces.[2]

When the war started, nobody had time for her songs, and she was left without anybody to give her the time of day. Hank came to her and offered her a position in the war as an Incarnate, finding use for her talent. She gladly accepted, becoming "Siren". Working together with "Danny", she used him as a shield and "sang", vibrating her wings and affecting the brains of her opponents.[3]

After the war, she went back to her hometown, Port Gulf.


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