Daniel Price
Daniel Price
Japanese Name ダニエル・価格
Rōmaji Name Danieru puraisu
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Soldier (Formerly)
Affiliation Incarnates (Formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Daniel Price (ダニエル・価格 Danieru Puraisu)[1].





Daniel is introduced carrying a bag pears into Burnwood, after everyone praises him, he tells them he'd do anything for his family. He is then approached by a man.

When Danny asks who he is, a girl suddenly stands in front of him. Daniel then goes to attack the girl, asking for forgiveness. Saying if he doesn't kill anyone who knows the truth, he won't be able to stay. The man claims he's the captain, he asks if he remembers the promise they made. Claiming the village is already the place were he belongs, Daniel transforms into a Spriggan, telling the captain to call him a beast, if he wants but he'll use his power to live. The captain then jumps on his back, stabs him using his weapon and pulls the explosive device attached to his weapon. After the explosion Daniel returns to his human form, and asks his captain how should of he lived his life, and questions should he have not returned alive. He is told on the hellish battlefield he took his body to survive and he done that by killing. Daniel asks the Captain to tell him should they have died as gods or heroes, the Captain apologies to him and shoots him, thus killing him.[1]


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