John William Bancroft
John William Bancroft
Japanese Name ジョン·ウィリアム·バンクロフト
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Nancy Charlotte Bancroft (Daughter)
Occupation Soldier (Formerly)
Affiliation Pseudo-God Soldiers (Formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

John William Bancroft[1] volunteered to become a Pseudo-God Solider and take part in the war. He was the father of Nancy Charlotte Bancroft.



It is believed John was a kind hearted person as he ran an orphanage, and volunteered to become a Pseudo-God Soldier when the government offered to support his orphanage. He also promised his daughter, Nancy Charlotte Bancroft he would return after the war.



John volunteered to become a Pseudo-God Solider, when the government said they would help support his orphanage. Before joining the war he promised his daughter he would return.[2]

Some time after the war, John was killed by Hank, presumably for "breaking their promise".[1]


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